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CheckListBox ActiveX Control

Version History

2.6 Service Pack 6

Support Windows XP & Vista themes.
Add x64 edition.
Add Code Signing to .ocx file.

2.6 Service Pack 5

Add FindString and FindStringExact method.
Add WordWrap property and WordWrap sample.
Fix the bug that List Box appears without any border if the Appearance property set to claFlat(#10027).
Fix the bug that seting ListIndex will cause invalid property array index error in single selection mode(#10028).
Supports Visual Studio.NET 2005 Beta 2 in Visual Basic.NET and C# samples.

2.6 Service Pack 4

Fix the bug that ListIndex property can't be set for a multiple selection listbox(#10023).
Fix the bug that the control contains extra borders with XP theme(#10024).

2.6 Service Pack 3

Add Microsoft Access 97/2000/2002/2003 samples.
Add Visual Basic & Visual Basic.NET FindItem sample.
Add Visual Basic & Visual Basic.NET OneCheck sample.
Add Visual Basic & Visual Basic.NET Color sample.
Fix the bug that list items can't be sorted when Sorted is True and SortMode is clsStringAscending(#10021).

2.6 Service Pack 2

Support auto-scroll up and down in DragSort sample.
Make the List property compatible with the standard ListBox(#10017).
Fix the bug that ItemHeight property can't work correctly when two listboxes are on a form(#10018).

2.6 Service Pack 1

Add ImageStretch property.
Add ItemHeight property
Add Visual Basic.NET samples.
Add Visual C# samples.
Add C#Builder samples.
Fix the bug causing a black color garbage at the bottom when scroll the control(#10012).
Fix the bug causing image to be shrunk if checkbox is not shown(#10013).


Add CheckAlignment property.
Add NoCheckmark property.
Add SortMode property.
Add Windows XP style to Style property.
Add SelectAll and UnselectAll methods.
Add Visual C++ sample.
Add Internet Explorer sample.
Remove Visual Basic 4.0 samples.
Remove VBX version support.

2.5 Build 12

Fix the bug of displaying garbage text in Internet Explorer.
Fix the bug of displaying jumble text in Access Form_Open event.
Mark the controls safe for scripting in Internet Explorer.

2.5 Build 11

Fix some bugs.
Improve Products sample.

2.5 Build 10

Add CHKLSB25.DEP for Visual Basic Setup Wizard.
Fix the bug of drag and drop. Fix the bug of incorrect item height when place more listboxes on a form.
Add DragList sample.
Add DragSort sample.

2.5 Build 9

    Add MultiSelect property(ActiveX version only).
    Add CheckedCount property(ActiveX version only).
    Fix the bug that ListIndex will be set to -1 when Font or ItemFont property is changed.
2.5 Build 8
    Add SelCount property(ActiveX version only).
    Improve the property page(ActiveX version only).
2.5 Build 7
    Add KeyFind property(ActiveX version only).
    Add Redraw property(ActiveX version only).
    Support LB_SETHORIZONTALEXTENT message by which a list box can be scrolled horizontally.
    Fix the bug of flash when set BackColor to black.
    Fix the display problem in small fonts setting.
    Rewrite the Products sample.
2.5 Build 6
    Add ShowFocusRect property(ActiveX version only).
    Fix the bug that moving selection using keyboard won't fire Click event.
    Fix the bug that ListIndex property can't be set to -1.
2.5 Build 5
    Add ToggleMode property(ActiveX version only)
2.5 Build 4
    Set the Text property as the default property.
    Fix the focus rectangle bug when turning of checkmark.
    Improve the display when turning off checkmark.
2.5 Build 3
    Allow users to turn on/off checkmark.
    Fix some help document errors.
2.5 Build 2
    Support Apartment Threaded
    Support the Tab (ASCII 9) character
    Add a new Product sample
    Fix display problem with font size greater than 10 points
    Add ActiveX Control version.
    Add ItemFont property.
    Add ItemForeColor property.
    Add ItemBackColor property.
    Add Grayed property.
    Add Selected property.
    Add AddCheckedItem method.
    Add AddPicItem method.
    Add CheckAll and UnCheckAll method.
    ItemImage property now supports .ICO and .WMF format.
    Add Visual Basic 5.0 sample.
    Rewrite documentation.
    Add version information into VBX file.
    Fix compatible problems with Visual Basic 4.0.
    Add a Visual Basic 4.0 sample.
    Improve Visual Basic 3.0 sample.
    Add Appearance property.
    Add ItemImage property.
    Optimize display speed.
    Add a Visual Basic 3.0 sample.
    Initial Version.
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