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NTPort Library


You can download the full-feature evaluation version from one site from the following list.

We recommend some books which will help you understand how to use NTPort Library to interface with your hardware devices.

Additional Samples

Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, Delphi, Delphi for .NET, Visual C++, Visual C# , C++ Builder, C#Builder, Java(JBuilder & Eclipse) and PowerBASIC samples are included in the above evaluation package. If you want more samples, send your request to and tell us why you need more samples and we will consider in the future release.

All the following samples are required NTPort Library v2.8 or higher. If you don't have one copy of Evaluation or Registered copy, please download from the above links.

LPTTest C++ Sample
LPTSample C++ Sample
LPTPort Class C# Sample
InstallShield Express Sample
InstallShield Demo Script
Visual J++ Samples
Borland C++ Samples
Visual Fortran Samples
Matlab Sample
FreeBASIC Samples
TCL/TK Samples
Setup Factory 6.0 Runtime Module


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